Pixers, at pixersize.com, is a custom print company that can print one of their thousands of images for you on 16 different types of materials. From conventional vinyl, to non-woven, to self stick materials, they do it all. They can print wall murals, prints, posters and stickers. You can even upload a photo or image of your own and have that printed on any of their materials. I prefer to install murals whose images are printed on their Vinyl Premium wall mural material. It’s printed on a non-woven substrate with UV and water protected eco-friendly inks that will stand the test of time. 

I recently installed one of these murals in a powder room.  The mural came in 5 pieces that were 27 ¾ inches wide and 9 feet long. The walls were 8’ 6” tall so it worked out great. The sheets were to be installed in consecutive order. The pattern then repeated itself again in another set of the 5 piece mural.  As you can see in the photograph the pattern had vibrant colors and really perked up the powder room. 

Pixersize suggests you install the mural with Metylin powdered vinyl adhesive. I have to be honest and say I haven’t seen this product in an American paint store in 20 years. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know it still existed. I think that since the company originates in England that their paste is a throwback to Europe’s use of powdered pastes. Nothing wrong with that! However, Here in the United States we use pre-mixed pastes that come in single and 5 gallon buckets. So if you follow modern installation techniques, prime with a wallpaper primer, and use a pre-mixed clear wallpaper paste, you will have great results. 

I did a quick price check online to compare pricing with a conventional wallpaper at $60.00/roll. The powder room would have been an 8 roll room with a cost of $480 just for the wallpaper. Pixers mural to cover the same amount of space would have been $540. That’s a pretty good price comparison between a modern pattern that is bright and colorful versus your grandmother’s wallpaper styles. Check them out at pixersize.com - you’d be surprised at what your walls can look like.

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